EXCLUSIVE: Victoria’s Secret Angel Martha Hunt On Her Go-To Weekend Outfit And The Easiest Way To Get Her Beachy Waves

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As someone who models lingerie (and other things!) for a living, you better believe Victoria’s Secret Angel Martha Hunt knows her way around a good bra. As women, we’ve all fallen prone to the inevitable discomfort of underwires and the imprints of ill-fitting bra straps past. But worst of all, we’ve spent our entire adult lives trying to keep our bras hidden beneath our t-shirts and blouses; no one wants to see an underwire outline through your favorite concert tee, do they? Hunt, who’s been with Victoria’s Secret since 2012, stars as one of the faces of the brand’s new #LessIsMore collection featuring simple, sexy basics that—we swear to you—will leave nary a bra-induced battle wound.

Last week, I jumped at the chance to chat with Hunt about this new line—and I couldn’t help but fall in love with the model. The 25-year-old North Carolina native has an enviable air of unruffled charisma, a quality we suspect stems from her Southern upbringing. During our phone call, we bonded over everything from old-school jolts to our shared love of beach hair. Read on to hear how Hunt defines off-duty model style, which fellow Victoria’s Secret Angel’s closet she’d love to raid and the one-step secret to her dreamy beach waves.

Lucky: VS’ brand-new collection is all about minimalism. From your experience, what is it about this new range that allows for a more unbuttoned look? Is it the fabrics, the linings, the cuts?

Martha Hunt: This is my personal favorite collection for Victoria’s Secret! The bras are sexy in an understated way—there’s not a lot of push-up, but there’s still a lot of coverage. I love that it’s softer and has nothing to hide. The straps look great under tanks with their lacy details, too. They’re bras that can go under anything.

One of my favorite styles in this line is the new T-Shirt Bra. What’s your favorite way to style a t-shirt?

I love, love the t-shirt bra. I think it can look great paired with jeans and a pair of Louboutins. It makes you look confident, yet still sexy, and also casual.

And very VS-appropriate! That being said, off-duty model style has never been more in demand than it is right now. If you’re running to Duane Reade on a Saturday morning, what would we find you wearing?

I’d probably be with my dog, carrying her, and probably wearing denim shorts that don’t have to be ironed!

On the flip side, what’s your favorite way to incorporate that off-duty look in a more professional setting?

I think that’s easily done by throwing on a blazer with anything you’re wearing. I was going to the airport yesterday and realized I was running out of time, and I was wearing denim shorts and a tank top, so I just threw on a blazer over it all. At the airport, people were actually stopping me being like, "Tell me all about this outfit!" The blazer gives it something extra.

If you could swap wardrobes with any other Victoria’s Secret Angel, who would it be?

Easy! It’s Lily [Aldridge], hands down. If you follow her style, she just kills it. She’s very fashion forward and has an eye for style, but there’s this timeless elegance about everything she wears.

You've made beachy waves your signature beauty look. Do you have any tips for how to maintain that type of undone curl?

Have a lot of chemical damage? [Laughs] My style is mostly attributed to breakage from being colored over time. As I’ve aged, it's grown out in layers. It’s all part of the job, but I think it says something about women in general; just work with what you have. I do my best to keep it looking good—I spray salt water, which is all you really need. You can mix a combination of water and salt at home, but when I’m at the beach I don’t wash it all week.

You’re super-active on Instagram—you have more than 162,000 followers! If you could take a selfie with any one person, who would it be?

Christiane Amanpour, the CNN correspondent. She’s just a badass woman. She’d be a pretty rad person to have a selfie with.

And, last question! Who are some of your favorite accounts to follow on the platform?

The Fat Jewish! I think he’s hilarious. If you’re not following him, you need to.

Watch Hunt get locked out of her New York City apartment in her skivvies in her “Sexy Short” below:

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