24 Maternity Must-Haves From Some Seriously Stylish Mamas-To-Be

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Rebecca Minkoff

"When you’re pregnant, you’re going through so many changes, so it’s important to still feel that you have your own individual style still intact. At the beginning of my pregnancy, I was wearing my own jeans, just a size up, then when I popped, I wore a lot of body con dresses and skirts mixed with a cool piece that still felt like me-- like a Wes Moto jacket or a flowy top."

Read on for Rebecca's must-haves.

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You know how certain stylish women--models, designers, etc., can look effortlessly cool no matter what they seem to be doing or where they seem to be going? Well, it turns out that they can turn out the same stylish looks when they're knocked up, too. We know--sigh. While it seems hopelessly unfair that such style sensibilities aren't bestowed on all of us, we're willing to overlook the inequality for a few crazy-cool expectant mamas who were willing to share their fave maternity must-haves with us. From comfy (but chic!) slide sandals and long-lasting lip gloss (so you never look tired) to the softest leggings ever, these ladies have laid it all out on the table for us.


Read on for maternity style tips from Rebecca Minkoff, Oh Joy's Joy Cho, Shopbop buyer Jane Albiter and more!

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