Miranda Kerr Poses Topless As The New Face Of 7 For All Mankind

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No, this lady doesn't sleep. Click through to see the first four shots from Miranda Kerr's Fall 2014 campaign for 7 for All Mankind.

Courtesy of 7 for All Mankind

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Largely because I was curious enough to make it, may I present a complete list of Miranda Kerr’s current and/or extremely timely campaign gigs? 1) ShopStyle, 2) H&M, 3) Swarovski, 4) Reebok, 5) Royal Albert China and Dinnerware, 6) Clear Scalp & Hair and 7) Escada. Not to mention, there’s her Kora Organics beauty line (8), as well as two recent self-help books, Treasure Yourself (9) and Empower Yourself (10). In her free time, she challenges Jimmy Fallon to flip cup, while also acting as a certified health coach, just for good measure.

And, because that’s clearly not enough, 7 for All Mankind (11) just named the 31-year-old mega-model as the face of its Fall 2014 ad campaign. In the brand’s just-released imagery, we see the Aussie doing what she does best: flouncing around topless, with her hair in complete and artfully-arranged disarray while showcasing the denim company’s fall jeans.

Frankly, I’m getting a little tired of the Miranda Kerr Is a Multitasking Genie! trope that so many editors—myself included—harp on with the release of each of Kerr’s new campaigns. But this set there’s a reason she’s on top of it all—so don't expect her to settle down any time soon.

Click through the slideshow above to see the first four images from Kerr’s 7 for All Mankind campaign, and tune in below for her super-sexy, 30-second commercial for the brand:

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