WATCH: Miranda Kerr Plays Drinking Games With Jimmy Fallon

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The last time Jimmy Fallon challenged a supermodel—one Kate Upton—to a game of flip cup, he got, for lack of a better word, destroyed. Utterly, entirely destroyed. Perhaps being a professional "smizer" has its benefits in the world of college drinking games—or maybe Upton just possesses an impressive amount of beer-chugging skill.

Yesterday, yet another supe—Miranda Kerr—appeared on The Tonight Show in a Sonia Rykiel outfit to challenge Fallon in the same game. But first, she slathered him with lotion from her skincare line, Kora Organics, while also giving him exercise lessons.

"You can tighten your ab muscles, clench and release," instructed Kerr. "And your butt muscles, clench and release. Clench and release." Fallon joked: "I'm happily married!" Oh, you guys!

In the end, Fallon outshined Kerr—but just narrowly. Take a look at their heated match below!

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