The Five New Tenets Of French Girl Style

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Not that we need Bastille Day as an excuse to celebrate our love of all things French, but we've certainly got les bleus on our minds today! Click through for a lesson in the latest tenets of French-girl style.
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Today is Bastille Day in France—otherwise known as la Fête Nationale, the day which commemorates the storming of the Bastille and the unity of France following the revolution. History lesson aside, today serves as a great excuse to enjoy croissants and espressos galore—as if we needed a reason to carbo-load!

But today also makes for a good time to refresh our wardrobes on the stateside, gleaning inspiration from the ever-stylish ladies of arguably one of the world's most fashionable countries. Seriously—how is it that French women always seem to be two steps ahead of the game when it comes to rising trends? In case you need any more convincing, we've turned to some of the most popular bloggers in France for styling cues to help direct us as we build our wardrobes for the impending fall season! Click through the above slideshow for a lesson in the newest tenets of French-girl fashion.

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