The Three Key Rules For Wearing Shorts To Work

Rule #1: Watch the length.

Remember how back in grade school, you were only allowed to wear shorts that extended past your fingertips when your arms were down at your sides? I hate to say it, but life in the office is (or at least should be) much the same. It may seem pretty obvious, but booty shorts and Daisy Dukes are not exactly office attire, no matter how fancy they are. Leave the leg for your next beach day—unless your boss is Jenna Lyons, because evidently she's cool with it.

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I feel pretty lucky to be a woman—especially during the summer. While most men are confined to wearing a full-on suit in this stifling heat and humidity, ladies get a bit of a pass, with options like sundresses and flowy skirts at our disposal. One question that often crosses my mind, however, is how I can make my favorite shorts work for the office—what lengths are acceptable, how fancy they need to be and so on.

The truth is, much of what we can and can't get away with really boils down to our individual office environment—working in fashion, for example, you're encouraged to take greater sartorial risks that wouldn't necessarily be accepted if you were, say, an investment banker or doctor. Nevertheless, shorts in the office can be a "thing" for a lot of industries, and it's all a matter of being conscious of certain choices—the fabrics, the fit, the styling. So, if you're unsure of how to wear your shorts in the office, click through the above slideshow for all the tips you'll need to stay cool and classy on those hot summer days at work!

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