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It is possible to wear shorts to work and still look classy! Don't believe me? Click through for three important rules to follow when baring your legs in the office; plus, shop some of this season's best work-ready shorts!
Rule #1: Watch the length.
Remember how back in grade school, you were only allowed to wear shorts that extended past your fingertips when your arms were down at your sides? I hate to say it, but life in the office is (or at least should be) much the same. It may seem pretty obvious, but booty shorts and Daisy Dukes are not exactly office attire, no matter how fancy they are. Leave the leg for your next beach day—unless your boss is Jenna Lyons, because evidently she's cool with it.
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Rule #2: Dress 'em up.
I'd say you can interpret this bit two different ways: if your shorts are more on the casual end of the spectrum, you can dress them up by choosing pieces like a summer blazer and jewelry to elevate the look to an office-appropriate level. On the other hand, you can opt for a dressier short that is made with a finer fabric for a look that is instantly work-ready.
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Rule #3: When in doubt, opt for shorts that look like a skirt.

Culottes, gauchos and skorts are all viable options when brainstorming ways to bare your legs in the office. Plus, the fabrics on such styles are likely to be nice and flowy—a perfect way to enjoy a light breeze on those particularly grueling hot summer days.

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