Olivia Palermo Shows Us How To Wear Leather In August

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It may still be August, with 49 blissfully official days left of summer, but some New Yorkers are already ignoring temperatures and meteorologists everywhere, determined to debut their great fall finds long before September hits. Take Olivia Palermo, for instance: she’s going to wear a post-Labor Day piece in August if she wishes and she’s decidedly not going to care what you think.

The piece in question, of course, is the Western-inspired brown leather midi skirt pictured above. On most humans, this vintage score would trap any and all body heat generated below the waistline. But as far we know, Palermo has neither pores nor sweat glands, so this perspiration-maker is no biggie for the socialite. If we, too, had her sweat-averse DNA, we’d also dress like a Chanel Paris-Dallas runway model at all times.

But, she does have that giant water bottle—so props to her for at least staying hydrated.

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