31 Perfect July Outfits

July 1

Childish as they may seem, shorteralls (shorts + overalls) are both a comfortable and stylish option for when the humidity gets too soupy and you can’t be bothered by real shorts—or, god forbid, pants. Click through to shop the look.

Carly Foulkes, via Michael Dumler

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Now that we're officially in the dog days of summer, we’re assuming you’re welcoming July’s sultry season just like we are: with breezy fabrics, open-toed shoes and icy beverages galore. With a heat wave or two hanging in the forecast, July’s weather necessitates a wardrobe that prioritizes breathability and airiness first and foremost. But despite our overactive sweat glands, there’s still plenty of reason to celebrate. The Fourth of July gives us an excuse to barbecue poolside in our teensiest bikinis, while we likely have a vacation—or at the very least, a long weekend—on the docket for the month. Plus, the days just keep getting longer; who can resist watching a sunset at 8 pm?

We’ve pulled outfit ideas from our favorite celebrities, street style stars and our very own Community members to provide you with plenty of inspiration for all 31 days of this month. Click through to see—and shop—them all!

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