Pippa Middleton Called That Bridesmaid Dress 'Embarrassing'

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More than three years since that bridesmaid dress’ debut, Pippa Middleton is admitting that she continues to be embarrassed by the figure-hugging gown. In her first-ever televised interview, the 30-year-old royal sister-in-law confessed that she was shocked by the reaction she received from the Sarah Burton-designed Alexander McQueen.

“It was completely unexpected. I think the plan was not really for it to be a significant dress,” she told Today’s Matt Lauer. “[It was] really just to sort of blend in with the train. I suppose it’s flattering. Embarrassing, definitely. It wasn’t planned.”

As for the dress’ coordinates, no, it hasn’t been touched since April 29, 2011. “It’s actually still in my wardrobe at home,” she said. “I haven’t worn it since. But I think I’ll just keep it there. I think it’s the sort of thing that I’m sure I’ll bring out if someone wanted to see it or my children one day want to see it. Then I’ll show them. But it’s tucked away.”

Don’t be self-conscious about your derrière, Pips; we’re all just (no-so-secretly) jealous of you.

Watch part of Pippa Middleton's Today interview below:

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