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It all started with the classic little black dress—and a murder!

Click through for more of our 100 favorite looks from Pretty Little Liars, which just celebrated its 100th episode!

Ali's ice blue blazer is just too cool.
It wouldn't be a Spencer Hastings outfit without knee-high socks!
From Emily's edgy leather shorts to Spencer's mixed prints, this foursome knows how to look good.
We can't get enough of PLL's special themed episodes. This one may be our favorite, though!
Only Aria could pull off that hat.
Never a dull moment from Mona.
A very ladylike look from Ali.
Hanna's belt really ups a simple pink dress.
Emily's red tuxedo blazer is a major fashion win.
It's never a surprise to see a PLL in a black dress, but this one on Ali is especially stunning.
A lesson in mixing snake prints from Aria.
It's never good when these two are together! But Ali looks amazing.
It's a leather jacket club, and we're totally loving it!
Black dresses all around!
Aria is forever our style inspiration when it comes to prints.
We love a great boyfriend jean.
These girls are on a serious mission.
Can we all go back in time—just for one day?
This leather and fur bomber jacket is perfection.
The mother-daughter duo looks great together—even if she's not actually getting married.
We know Aria's style game is always on point, but those shoes are her best yet.
Never say no to a fashion show!
Of course we'll never forget that yellow top!
Leather jackets: all day, every day.
Aria knows how to rock some daytime sparkle.
Just a touch more lipstick for Emily.

Lakeside dates are the best.


Way to make a hospital visit look chic.
Who wore her hat best—Aria or Spencer?
Aria's skull print top is perfect for snooping.
PLL's costume designer knows how to do Halloween.
The infamous red jacket!
These girls know how to pull off prints.
Spencer's black lace dress is a summer must-have.
Howdy, partner!
Hanna looks incredible in a high-waisted skirt and fitted blouse.
Emily's blue pants are great, but Hanna's mixed textures are even better.
Spencer, did we catch you red-handed?
We're getting a Clueless vibe from Hanna's coat.
Oh, Ali. In the immortal words of Britney Spears, you're not that innocent.
A great day-to-night look.
Queen B would be proud of your headband, Aria!
Solving murder mysteries in style.
Daisy Buchanan would kill for this outfit.
We're loving Spencer's animal print dress.
There's just enough sparkle on Aria's sweater.

We can't get enough of Spencer in this blue dress!


Hanna's pearl-collared top is just so sweet.
Oh Mona, what are you up to now?
Hanna makes a perfect Marilyn.
Spencer looks great, but Toby obviously wins this round.
Aria makes another bold move in mixed prints.
The perfect weekend outfit, courtesy of Emily.
We're loving the subtle embellishment on Hanna's top.
A sweet moment between Aria and Fitz deserves the perfect dress!
Hanna's mom is a show-stopper in this purple dress.
Uh-oh, we know she's up to no good!
A true Spencer outfit—cardigan, dress and knee socks.
Long live the miniskirt!
Just a touch of nautical.
Emily's Halloween outfit is spot-on.
The girls always look great at a funeral. Good thing, too, because there are a lot of them on this series.
The only thing better than Spencer's outfit is her side braid.
Jenna may be "blind," but her fashion is always incredible.
Mixing things up with colorful fishnets.
Our school dances were never this stylish.
All the girls look stunning, but Aria stands out with her bold stripes and short red gown.
If you're choosing a bold blazer, make sure to pair it with basics.
The liars know a thing or two about dressing up for Halloween.
A totally traditional equestrian look never goes out of style.
A true entrance-making outfit.
When in doubt, pick feathers!
This gold moto jacket is the perfect mix of trendy and classic.
Wait, when can we start wearing knit hats again?
Emily owns sporty style.
Bold jeans pair perfectly with a classic black top.
The definition of a cool girl.
Spencer's ladylike turtleneck provides the perfect contrast to Emily's flannel and white tee.
Somehow, even crazy hospitalized Mona manages to look cool.
Winners of the Best Couple Ever award? We think so!
From Spencer's oversized bag to Aria's cool combat boots, these two have style in spades.
Give your favorite chambray an upgrade.
Spencer's cinched cardigan is crazy-flattering.
That green coat. We want.
Lounging never looked so chic.
Aria takes the cake for the best hoedown dress.
Only Aria could pull off tights with shorts!
Major head-banging hair props to Ali.
I think we'll skip Camp Mona this year.
We can't resist a pretty paint splatter print.
By far Mona's most terrifying style choice.
When in doubt, go back to black.
It's officially the summer of the off-the-shoulder top—and Em, per usual, is so ahead of the curve.