Bad News: Your Favorite Skinny Jeans May Not Be So 'Skinny' After All

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Robert Mitra for WWD

In case you weren't already overwhelmed enough by the daunting task of jeans shopping (or really, clothes shopping in general), our friends over at Racked published a handy little infographic today comparing the sizing of a variety of different retailers that you've likely frequented at least a handful of times in your lifetime.

What they found was that across the 25 different brands they investigated, the average size eight had a 28.9" waist and 38.7" hips, yet only a handful of brands came close to these numbers. Of course, we have vanity sizing to thank for that—as the average size of most Americans have shifted over the past few decades, so too have the sizes. Not shockingly, the belief is that people will be more inclined to purchase an article of clothing if the size on the label is smaller than the size those shoppers perceive themselves to be.

While the information isn't exactly new, it's certainly jarring to see just how large the discrepancy is, particularly between US and international brands—it seems that labels like Zara and Uniqlo were a little overzealous when declaring measurements for a size eight (29.1" waist/40.15" hips and 33.25" waist/38.4" hips, respectively). What does this all mean for consumers? With so many different interpretations of a size eight across the board, are we reaching a point where sizes are going to become irrelevant? Personally, my mantra is "If you like it, buy it!"—but I also have to give a huge shoutout to the fashion gods for making oversized clothing a trend right now.

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