News Flash: Rihanna Wore A Satin Nightgown As A Dress In Public


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We’re all well aware that Rihanna has a CFDA Award to prove her status as a fashion icon, and we’re also all aware that she’s prone to taking many a sartorial risk.This week, Rihanna stepped out in New York City wearing a satin, fuscia nightgown with a jean jacket and Converse sneakers. What do you think—did it work? [MTV]

The stylist behind Nicola Peltz’s commendable tour de force deserves a serious round of applause. World, let’s give it up for Leslie Fremar. [Fashionista]

Vanessa Hudgens, Coachella Queen and Chief Governess of the Flower Crown, has a brand-new ad campaign for Bongo in which she’s un-Photoshopped. It’s pretty refreshing, if we don’t say so ourselves. [The Gloss]

After a 15-hour day, the last thing we’d want is to be swarmed by paparazzi. Props to Cara Delevingne for handling it fairly gracefully—and for posting about it on Instagram. [Vanity Fair]

Kim Kardashian reunited with her little half-sis Kendall Jenner in Paris today. That is all we have to say about that. [POPSUGAR]

We couldn’t make this up: a drop-dead Belgian fan won an enviable modeling contract after her World Cup crowd picture went viral. [BuzzFeed]

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