Can You Guess Which Fashion Brand Got The Most Mentions On Sex And The City?

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via Sex and the City's official Facebook page

Someone certainly had a lot of time on his hands! In what could have only been inspired by a weeks-long binge of every single Sex and the City episode ever, French artist Pierre Buttin created a video montage of every brand mention over the show's six-season run, which he shared on YouTube last week.

You might assume that Carrie's beloved Manolo Blahnik would be number one—and although it's the most-mentioned fashion brand at 16 times, Vogue snagged a staggering 36 mentions! In hindsight, I suppose this makes sense, given Carrie Bradshaw's role as a contributing editor for the magazine in Season 4 (and charges $2 per word for her work!). The show's been off the air for a decade, but I'll take any excuse to go back and watch reruns—check out the video below to see the ultimate compilation of every brand ever mentioned on Sex and the City!

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