How To Shop Like A Pro: 15 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Money Every Single Time

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Smart shopping is an acquired skill—and often, one that we learn through trial and error (error meaning ill-fitting jackets, shoddily constructed dresses and pants whose hems fray from dragging on the floor). But you don't have to wait until the mistakes have been made to wise up about what you buy. Click through for 15 Lucky-approved tips for becoming the savviest shopper you can be.

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We all have our bad habits—some of which, unfortunately, extend to our shopping practices. More and more, especially with the allure of fast fashion, we buy without thinking too hard about the purchase, get used to pieces fitting a little awkwardly here and there, and keep troves of clothes from trends gone by stuffed at the backs of our closets. Compound that with rampant vanity sizing and, well, it's a problem.

It's one I know well, since I've been known to be, ahem, a teensy bit impulsive (it's a Sagittarius thing) and sometimes avoid fitting rooms in favor of haphazardly holding up garments in front of store mirrors. But the immediate gratification doesn't always last: I can't get past the wonky waistband on a pair of striped Joe Fresh shorts I bought earlier this summer, for instance, and my collection of vintage dresses from college is in desperate need of whittling down.

I am, however, trying to change—because really, why not increase the ratio of clothes I absolutely love to those that are just so-so? To that end, we polled the Lucky offices and plumbed our own experience (and mom's advice) for the best tips and tricks to keep in mind when you
shop online and in-store. Click through the slideshow above for our ultimate expert's guide to smart shopping.

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