Summer's Hottest Fashion Trend Is…Star-Shaped Nipple Pasties, Apparently

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As with many questionable trends, it all began with one Miley Cyrus. Click through to continue exploring summer's oddest trend: star-shaped nipple pasties.


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Admittedly, there are a lot of fashion trends floating around that make us scratch our heads: Ugly shoes. Gaucho pants. Overalls. And while many of them, upon further inspection, are actually worth trying, there are a select few we're just not sure we can get on board with.

The latest look to fall into that category? Star-shaped nipple covers, which are suddenly popping up (poor choice of words, sorry) on shirts, swimwear and more. A sort of adhesive-free take on pasties, the look's part clever twist on a censorship attempt, part "hey, look at my chest!" (OK, mostly the latter.)

While novelty pasties are nothing new in the burlesque world—heck, Dita Von Teese considers them wardrobe essentials!—I first noticed them in a high fashion context at Marc Jacobs' recent Resort 2015 presentation, where simple crewneck sweatshirts featured two sparkling, stone-studded stars planted over the chest. Then, while browsing model Camille Rowe's new collaboration with Reformation earlier today, I spotted two tees featuring the same details (albeit in non-BeDazzled, more wallet-friendly form). And while celeb-adored swim brand Minimale Animale's been offering bathing suits with strategically-placed graphics for several seasons now, its new "Outlaw" style features—you guessed it—twin stars situated over, well, the twins.

As with so many flash-in-the-pan fads, we're going to have to chalk this one up to pop culture's all-encompassing influence; the past six months have seen "starry" outings from Nicki Minaj and perhaps today's most controversial celeb, Miley Cyrus. Meanwhile, Rihanna's habit of posting revealing outfits—often featuring crazy pasties—got her banned from Instagram recently. Consider the fact that Marc Jacobs happens to be buddy-buddy with both Cyrus and RiRi and, well, it's not hard to see how this look has come full circle (er, star).

While it's obvious that few folks with families and day jobs would dare to wear pasties in fun shapes in public, would you take a starry sweatshirt or tee for a spin? Or is this look best reserved for envelope-pushing A-listers—if anyone?

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