37 Short Wedding Dresses Ideal For The Summertime Bride

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You can still be a blushing bride, even in a cocktail-length dress. Click through to shop some of the most summery short, white dresses fit for your big day!
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Societal conventions and folklore outline the various rules that a bride must follow in order to have a seamless wedding day—don't look at your groom before the big day! Don't use your married name before it's official, lest you risk jinxing the fate of your marriage! And of course, don't forget to wear something old, new, borrowed and blue. All of these make for a great handbook—any stressed-out bride will take all the help she can get, after all—but at the same time, you don't have to stick to the status quo. In fact, it's far better to add your own personal touches to your special day!

One of the biggest ways to make a rule-shattering statement is to diverge from the standard long, white bridal gown. While there's no doubt that such a look is gorgeous and timeless, you can still be a blushing bride in a non-white dress—or even a cocktail-length one. Click through the above slideshow to shop and glean inspiration from some of this summer's most elegant short, white dresses, all of them wedding-worthy!

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