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When it comes to her outfits, Lucky contributing editor Tamu McPherson isn't afraid to take some pretty big risks. In honor of her birthday today, we've compiled 10 conventional style rules she has no problem breaking. Click through to see which fashion myths she's proved wrong!
Myth #1: Sarongs belong at the beach.
Over a button-down and tied to the side, it looks like a fancy Altuzarra wrap skirt.
Myth #2: White won't work after Labor Day.
If you haven't jumped on the all-white, all-the-time-train yet, this outfit has convince you.
Myth #3: You can't do more than one print at a time.
The trick to doing it right is contrast. Here Tamu gets that push-pull effect by playing two geometric patterns against a looser, organic one.
Myth #4: More than two colors overwhelm an outfit.
So long as at least one piece is solid, it'll pull the look together.
Myth #5: Socks look silly with heels.
It's all about picking the right pair: whereas a bulky tube style might feel awkward, tissue thin ones are ladylike and sweet.
Myth #6: Sweatbands won't work outside the gym.
Just like you would with sporty sneakers, use it as way to tone down more feminine pieces.
Myth #7: See through dresses are meant for going out.
While flats and a slip make this piece more demure, the funky accessories stop it from feeling frumpy. (The flattering, body-hugging fit helps with that, too!)
Myth #8: Gaucho pants only go with heels.
Rather than relying on uncomfortably high footwear to balance out the volume, Tamu does something fitted up top.
Myth #9: Too much fringe feels like a flapper costume.
To keep this out of Halloween costume territory, it helps to layer in more modern pieces, like a button-front blouse and printed pants.
Myth #10: Straw hats can't be formal.
A crisply tailored pantsuit will tone intense headgear right down (and man, is that hat intense).