Style Myths, Debunked! Ten Times Tamu McPherson Has Made Being Wrong Look So Right

Myth #1: Sarongs belong at the beach.

Over a button-down and tied to the side, it looks like a fancy Altuzarra wrap skirt.

via Instagram/tamumcpherson

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Associate Digital Editor

Three cheers for Tamu McPherson on her birthday! Bright, colorful and irresistibly cheerful (I once heard our EIC Eva Chen describe her as "sunshine personified"), the streetstyle photographer, blogger, and Lucky contributor's look is all about wearing what makes her happy, regardless of whether it's on trend. And you know what? She always manages to make it work.

You'll get a taste of Tamu's indomitable approach to style in the slideshow above, where I've included 10 times she proved a style rule wrong. Click through to rethink the way you put clothing together.

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