Taylor Swift Cools Off With A Teeny Crop Top And Thigh-High Slit

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Once summer really hits New York City, we residents of the Big Apple have a tried-and-true mantra: the less clothes, the better. Between sticky epidermis’ (epidermi?) on sardine-like subway cars and the solar panel-ified heat, it’s in everyone’s best interest to let it all hang out—to a reasonable point, that is.

Well, it appears that Taylor Swift is a legitimate New Yorker now. After she moved into her $20 million Tribeca penthouse, the 24-year-old songstress has gradually been upping the cosmopolitan ante, culminating in this week’s crop top look. We’ll give it to Swift: the set still has a signature vintage vibe to it, so it’s not like she’ll be donning strappy leather contraptions from Nasty Gal anytime soon.

But, let’s also be real here for a second: anyone who tells you that her “shirt” is a crop top rather than a glorified bralette is kidding themselves. Do you see how little fabric was used for the production of this garment? If anything, Swift’s just fitting in with the rest of us—which I’m sure makes her bestie Karlie Kloss beam from her own palatial digs.

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