Taylor Swift Is Almost Unrecognizable In The Giver—Check Out Her Transformation Here!

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These days, it’s more than rare to spot Taylor Swift looking anything other than photo shoot-ready—it's damn impossible. Because there’s no finer runway than walking in and out of New York City’s ModelFit, the 24-year-old songstress has schooled us in the art of fancy-schmancy street style dressing. But as dolled up as she is at all times, it’s admittedly refreshing to get a glimpse of Swift in something less calculated—i.e. without a single swipe of her signature red lipstick.

Next month, Swift makes her first major acting debut (no, Valentine’s Day does not count) in The Giver. She stars opposite Katie Holmes, Meryl Streep, Jeff Bridges and newcomer Odeya Rush as “emotionless” Rosemary, swapping out her blonde bob for mousey waves and rosy blush for spooky undereye circles.

In a just-aired interview with Entertainment Tonight, we learned that Swift regularly asked Bridges, her on-screen father (and the ominous Giver), for acting tips. With the Dude’s help, this bar is set quite high—did Swift rise to the challenge?

Catch her interview below:

The Giver hits theaters on August 15.

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