10 Under-The-Radar Fitness Brands To Help You Stand Out At The Gym

Cory Vines

The Background: Built around the motto that they "don't want your gym clothes to cost more than your gym membership," this brand stays affordable by operating on a direct-to-consumer model. So what does that mean exactly? That you'll find really high quality stuff, but in limited runs, and online only—dealing with overstock and high rents is what causes other clothing companies to jack prices up.

The Selection: Very simple, streamlined basics in solid colors. Aside from routines that require very specific gear, the styles work for most any workout.

The Price Range: Women's prices start around $20 (for a three-pack of socks) and tap out at $49 (full length leggings).

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Nike, Adidas and all our other favorite big name sports brands are like the Chanels and Pradas of the athletic apparel world. Everyone's heard the names; everyone recognizes the logos; no one doubts the level of quality. When you buy something from one of those storied companies, it's a pretty safe bet.

But life gets boring if you never branch out, no? You'll have a far more fun trying some pieces from the 10 on-the-rise activewear lines in the slideshow above. Wearing a few labels your fellow fitness fanatics aren't will make your outfit the most interesting one at the gym, which means compliments, which means confidence, which means a good attitude, which, obviously, means the motivation to put in just one more set of burpies (or sun salutations or crunches or whatever). So there you have it: if you want your exercise routine to be just that much better, it starts with the right workout wardrobe. Get clicking to make yours more awesome now.

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