WATCH: Paris Hilton Has A New Music Video—And It Involves Unicorns And Rainbows

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Because 33-year-old Paris Hilton lives in a modern day version of Neverland, she’s just released a new song and with that, a new music video, both of which have left us more or less speechless. Called “Come Alive,” the video’s four minutes and 13 seconds can only be described as a fever dream one gets from housing too much cotton candy—a glittering, fantastical explosion of pastels, rainbows, unicorns and peonies.

It’s not even that the song is bad because, well, it isn't. With Hilton’s unlimited bank account and therein access to respectable producers, you know her final product is going to be catchy, sugary pop, if nothing else. Remember 2006’s “Nothing In This World"? With 3.8 million YouTube views and counting, it’s so, so bad, it’s good—ish.

But as for this diamond-encrusted, expertly contoured circus, Hilton has truly outdone herself. It’s a Coachella-mermaid-Barbie-My Little Pony-Victoria’s Secret hybrid of a production, to which we say: you really just need to watch it to see for yourself.

So, without further ado, Paris Hilton’s “Come Alive” video, below:

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