From Tinder to True Love: The Ultimate Outfit For Every First Date

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So you've landed a hot date. Now what? Well, first of all, you're going to need something to wear—and odds are, the skimpy dress you wear to cocktails with your latest Tinder match isn't going to fly with the nice boy Grandma Maud insisted you meet for dinner. Click through for outfit ideas for eight thoroughly modern dates.

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It's the best and worst time to be a single girl in the dating world. On the one hand, past generations of women didn't have the freedom, financial independence, access to birth control (depending on your state and employer, of course), or plethora of options to meet new people—online and off—that we enjoy today. On the other hand, they also didn't have to worry about sexting, selecting the best selfie for their profile picture, or accidentally swiping right on a coworker.

So, to help you navigate this ambiguous and often online-centric landscape of modern dating, we've put together cute (and, okay, slightly tongue-in-cheek) outfits that set the right tone for eight very different kinds of dates. Click through the slideshow above for inspiration for your Friday night first date.



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