11 Inspiring Instagram Accounts You Should Follow Immediately


1.7 million followers

Murad Osmann is the one behind the popular trend #followmeto. His feed is filled with envy-inducing photos from all over the world of his girlfriend holding his hand and leading him presumably to some amazing adventure. The hashtag has gone viral on Instagram with over 97,000 mentions on the app from Murad's followers (and beyond) posting their own #followmeto photos.

via Instagram / @muradosmann

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As Instagram obsessives, we are always looking for ways to improve our 'gramming skills. A big part of that is following accounts that give us major inspiration. We found 11 talented Instagram users who are not celebrities but have amassed gigantic followings—some in the millions!—simply due to their eye and knack for taking great photos. Click through to follow 11 stunning accounts that will inspire you to up your Instagram game, guaranteed.

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