Our Favorite Brands Of Decades Past: Where Are They Now?

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From Jordache to JNCO to Juicy Couture, we're taking a look at what's become of some once-ubiquitous designer labels. Click through for a trip down designer memory lane.

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Associate Digital Features Editor

Maybe it's the Birkenstocks clomping up and down our office halls everyday or the hysterical rallying cries for the return of the scrunchie all over our Instagram feeds: whatever it is, something has us in the mood to reminisce about styles gone by (even those that were, shall we say, not our best looks.) But while stalwarts like Birks, Levi's and Calvin Klein are still alive and kicking, so many of the brands we knew and loved a decade or two ago have since dropped off our radar screens.

Click through the slideshow above for the answer to "What ever happened to...?" and let us know if there are any other brands that have still got you wondering.

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