Chartreuse And Brown: The Retro Color Combination We Can't Get Enough Of

Associate Digital Editor

So you've got the pink and purple thing down, nailed maroon and mustard and mastered the art of powder blue and black. Now you're primed to try a truly advanced color combination: chartreuse and brown. Yes, you can wear it without looking like a kitchen from the '70s!

To keep the mix from feeling dated, you'll need to balance things out with some black and gold accents and, of course, stick to clean, modern shapes. Sturdy ankle booties really help anchor the look, but you could totally do pointy-toe pumps instead. That'll give everything the kind of off-kilter cool twist J.Crew models are known for—never a bad thing, right?

Collection Ochre Floral Pant, $475,; HickoryHills Clutch, $29.98,; Palma Necklace, $185,; Cashmere Crewneck Sweater, $295, Vince,

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