Yes, You Can Wear Miniskirts In The Fall! Here Are 25 Great Ones For Under $100

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While fall does mean the return of slouchy sweatshirts and your favorite knee-high boots, it doesn't mandate packing away your miniskirts. In fact, the mini is an extraordinarily versatile fashion choice—it just all comes down to how you style it. Hey, if our fearless senior digital editor Elana Fishman isn't afraid to wear skirts year-round, it can be done, right?

Tights, of course, are the obvious layering choice for baring your legs during colder temperatures. But when it comes to wearing miniskirts in the fall, the most important detail to take under consideration is the fabric. Look for thicker materials, like flannel, leather or denim, and avoid summery fabrics like gingham or linen. Topped off with an aforementioned sweatshirt, a plaid shirt or a chunky cable knit scarf, a miniskirt is transformed from a summer staple to a cozy fall must-have.

Click through the slideshow above to shop 25 fall miniskirts for under $100!

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