Chloë Grace Moretz: Actress, Style Star And...Wedding DJ?

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In today’s edition of Chloë Grace Moretz Being Generally Adorable, the 17-year-old actress appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night in an incredible Simone Rocha outfit to promote her upcoming movie (and The Fault in Our Stars-level YA phenomenon) If I Stay. In the film, Moretz plays a prodigal cello player, a role which required her to study the instrument for more than seven months. To wit, Kimmel grilled the star about her own musical history which, as we learned, entails her being her family’s music guru. With all the studied cool of a surfer who’s been kickin’ it at the banana stand all day, Moretz spilled the details on her surprising secondary DJ career.

“My family kind of looks to me for music advice,” she said. “So like, for my brother’s wedding, I kind of DJ’ed.” She didn’t get paid, though—an admission she then recounted, saying, “In his defense, I did walk away from the computer, like, after song two. I went to Britney Spears. I was like, here we go, we’re good here.” (Frankly, we think this makes all the sense in the world.)

Watch Moretz chat up Kimmel about cellos, Cher and even more wedding antics below:

RB/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

The world is your runway, Moretz.
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