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A slew of powder pink accessories are just as integral to any ballerina’s style as are pointe shoes and Danskin leotards. So, what’s the secret formula for bona fide dancer dressing? Click through to find out—and to shop versions of each look.
1. Leotards as Tops
The right leotard is every dancer’s bread and butter, and that extends far beyond the world of ballet. As any ballerina can attest, the perfect specimen is as much about fabric, coverage and support as it is about style—but it’s possible to find a flawless marriage between the two. Find your favorite, and stick to it. Wear, wash, repeat.
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2. Flouncy Skirts
There’s something to be said about participating in one of those “skirty” sports. While ballet is in stellar company with tennis and badminton, it’s ballet—and ballet alone—that allows for floaty, translucent versions that simply tie at the waist. While such styles aren’t exactly ideal (not to mention, far from appropriate) for the real world, it’s the thought that counts—and as you’ll see from the following picks, there are definitely some femme, flirty options out there.
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3. Ballerina Flats
There’s not much that needs to be said for this one, but a good pair of ballet flats is more timeless than perhaps anything in your closet (except for a really, really awesome LBD, maybe). You can pirouette in them, arabesque in them and pas de deux in them—but don’t you dare upgrade to a pointe model if your ankles aren’t ready.
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4. Dainty Hair Accessories
Rarely do you see a proper ballerina entering or exiting her studio without her hair gathered above the nape of her neck. Possessing the skill to whip one’s hair into a tight, sound bun in 30 seconds flat is all but required for any dancer, so why not jazz it up with a handful of sparkling accessories?
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5. Cropped Sweaters
During my own dancing days, I owned a single ballet-pink wrap cardigan that I wore to class for years—literal years. Before it fell to shreds thanks to half a decade of use, it was my go-to warm-up sweater, my partner in crime at the ballet barre. Much to my delight, fashion’s taking note, offering a variety of catwalk-approved cropped sweaters for all seasons.
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6. Femme Lingerie
A dancer doesn’t actually dance in undies (you can thank the aforementioned leotard for that one), though she does enjoy a little lacy something for her off-duty ventures. Being ladylike is part of a ballerina’s DNA, after all.
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7. Dressy Sweatpants
For the days (most days) when the last thing you want to do is move your body another inch after rehearsal, sweatpants become your best-ever pal. Per recent fashion developments, it’s now more acceptable than ever to leave the house in a pair of entirely cotton bottoms—and you don’t have to be a ballerina to do it, either.
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