In Honor Of National Dog Day, Here Are 10 Canines Dressed In Couture

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It's National Dog Day, an occasion which (obviously) calls for gratuitous and perhaps slightly off-kilter images of glamorous dogs in runway attire. What could be better?

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At this point, it's utterly useless to deny that we are totally obsessed with animals at Lucky. And while I'm a bit of a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady myself, I can certainly get on board with some cute puppies every now and then. Conveniently, it just so happens that today is National Dog Day! As for what that really means, I have no clue—but if I can use it as an excuse to look at pictures of dogs all day, count me in.

And really, is there anything more endearing and aww-inducing than an animal decked out in a designer outfit?! No, there is not. Click through the above slideshow to see some truly glamorous dogs decked out in straight-off-the-runway dresses!

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