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It's National Dog Day, an occasion which (obviously) calls for gratuitous and perhaps slightly off-kilter images of glamorous dogs in runway attire. What could be better?

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Wheaten Terriers are known for being particularly good apartment pets—as well as for their flawless execution of a heavy knit poncho in the fall.
A billowing gown is the perfect contrast for a Shiba Inu's fiesty personality.
Nothing says glamour like a pug decked out in sparkles and fur.
Kendall who? Looks like Uncle Karl has a new favorite model!
Don't let the dapper suit deceive you—French bulldogs can be quite mischievous.
Dobermans only look scary—though it's that fierce persona that makes a Balmain dress the perfect accompaniment.
As you may know, Queen Elizabeth really loves corgis. (And really, how could you not?)
Being a hairless dog is almost the same as rocking a trendy sheer ensemble, right?
For the Bichon Frise, there's no such thing as being too frou-frou.
Chihuahuas are fierce in both the loyalty and style departments.