Google's Most-Searched Dresses Of The Emmy Awards Might Surprise You

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The (search) results are in—and they aren't quite what we expected. Click through for the nine most-Googled dresses of the 2014 Primetime Emmy Awards, and see the rest of the evening's data below.

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Awards shows are the kind of thing you have to watch with your laptop open, or at least your phone fired up—and last night's Emmy Awards were no exception. How else were you going to joke about Gwen Stefani's Colbert flub on Twitter, stalk Lena Dunham's Instagram or catch the name of anyone's dress designer when E! was so busy trying to coax them into using the exasperating "clutch cam"?

Fortunately, Google has tapped into this multi-screen habit of ours by analyzing search trends during red carpets and awards ceremonies with some fascinating results. Last night, the company culled the flurry of queries that were typed over the course of the evening and came up with the top searches in several categories.

Some of the hot topics are to be expected—of course everyone wants to see Jesse Pinkman take home a trophy, and live streams are a must if you don't have cable—but others are slightly more idiosyncratic. Why is everyone so curious about Jessica Lange's love life? Why do people type in full sentences when a single word search will do the trick? Similarly intriguing were the most-searched dresses, which we guessed would favor best-dressed shoo-ins like Claire Danes and Kerry Washington, but instead went to less expected stars.

Take a look through the intriguing data below and click through the slideshow above for a look at the night's nine most-searched dresses:

Most-Searched Speeches
1) Aaron Paul
2) Jim Parsons
3) Ty Burrell
4) Sarah Silverman
5) Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Top Search Trend Spikes During Show
1) Jessica Lange
2) Tim Whatley (Seinfeld)
3) Hayden Panettiere
4) Normal Heart
5) Robin Williams

Top-Searched Questions During the 2014 Emmy’s Mid-Show
1) Who is the father of Hayden Panettiere’s baby?
2) Why are the Emmy Awards on a Monday?
3) Who hosted the Emmy Awards in 2013?
4) Who is Kevin Spacey dating?
5) Can I live stream the Emmy Awards?
6) Where are the Emmy Awards held?
7) How long are the Emmy Awards?
8) Who is the best dressed at the Emmy Awards?
9) How old is Julia Roberts?

Most-Searched Questions Related to the Emmys from Second Half of the Show
1) Who is Jessica Lange dating?
2) Who votes for the Emmy Awards?
3) How tall is Matthew McConaughey?
4) What does it say on the bottom of an Emmy Award?
5) What does Emmy stand for?
6) What is Veep about?
7) Why did Josh Charles leave The Good Wife?
8) Who sang Smile at the Emmy Awards?

Most-Searched Emmys Dresses Throughout Show
1) Heidi Klum
2) Sarah Silverman
3) Lena Dunham
4) Julia Roberts
5) Sarah Hyland
6) Sofia Vergara
7) Lizzy Caplan
8) Michelle Dockery
9) Mayim Bialik

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