Fall Shopping, Decoded: How To Get The Most From Your Budget

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Fall shopping season is here—do you have a plan? Click through to make one that fits your budget.

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Smart fall shopping can't be boiled down to some set-in-stone lineup of items. It's much more about how you play with what you've got rather  than just racking up a bunch of new stuff; sometimes your bank account's balance simply won't allow for a full-on wardrobe refresh. That's when it's important to know what's worth it—and what isn't.

Moreover, even if you've got thousands upon thousands of dollars to play with (you lucky lady, you!!), it can be tempting to blow a huge chunk of it on some totally impractical impulse purchase that's beautiful and stylish and incredibly well made, but doesn't match a single thing in your closet. No, cash-strapped or flush, it's important to go in with a plan. To help you with yours, I've strategized seven autumn shopping lists in the slideshow above for budgets ranging from $150 all the way up to $2,000. Click through to see what you should be buying this season.

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