One Awesome Fashion Blogger Admits To Photoshopping: See Her Before And After Photos!

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Dana Suchow, we salute you! The Do the Hotpants blogger recently admitted to Photoshopping her portraits—and she included five before and after images to prove it. Click through to see them all.
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Let me set the stage for you: you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed and come across a certain mega-watt fashion blogger’s latest upload. She looks waify, disinterested and styled to Scott Schuman-approved perfection. But wait, what’s that? Why is that brick wall all wavy directly behind her, and why is her leg missing a kneecap? Photoshop, people—and if you look at your phone screen carefully enough, it’s fairly easy to spot.

Despite the assumption that everyone’s (as in, every professional blogger with 200,000 or more followers) doing it, some are taking it upon themselves to come clean—and awesomely so. Take Dana Suchow, who runs the New York City-based blog Do the Hotpants and recently published a post titled, “Photos I Wish I Didn’t Photoshop.”

In a comment on the post, Suchow admits that she had been doctoring her photos for more than a year due to her lifelong insecurity about her stomach and skin. “When I first edited these photos a year ago or so, I remember thinking to myself…’how fat and ugly I am and how much I hate my body.’ When I was trying to put photos together for this post, I got a little embarrassed. The before and after photos were hardly any different!!!!!!”

She then took the liberty of pairing several before and after pictures together, but not before saying, “YOU ARE A UNIQUE GODDAMN SNOWFLAKE SO NEVER FORGET THAT!!!!!!!!!!!” Now, if only the rest of the bloggersphere would take note. We salute you, Hotpants!

Click through the slideshow above to see all five before and after photos.

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