Gone Girl’s Latest Poster Might Haunt Your Dreams

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via 20th Century Fox

Now that we’re 60 days out from Gone Girl’s box office-blasting release, we're about ready for some more details. While the film’s first full-length trailer was released early last month, a proper movie poster hasn’t been revealed since April—a surprisingly low-key promotional effort, especially when compared with the book-turned-movie’s massive following.

So, take a gander at the second official poster, above. We’re seeing references to plenty of the story’s overarching themes, including: a swampy Mississippi River, a brooding Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck), a set of Mona Lisa eyes from one Amy Dunne (Rosamund Pike) and a lower-third from a Fox News telecast, reading “SEARCH FOR ‘AMAZING AMY’ CONTINUES.’” It doesn’t divulge anything too pertinent, but it does set the stage for what may well be the creepiest flick of the season. That includes you, 50 Shades!

Here’s that official trailer we were talking about:

And, check out Gone Girl’s eery first poster:

via 20th Century Fox

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