EXCLUSIVE: This Major Fashion Brand Is Launching A Shoppable Instagram Feed—And You’re The First To See It!

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Click through to see the five pant styles you’ll soon be able to shop using Kenneth Cole’s brand new InstaShop—including the Brody Pant (@KCInstaShop_Brody), at left.

Courtesy of Kenneth Cole

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The bond between fashion and technology has never been stronger. Between the growing number of wearable tech options and e-commerce launches, it was only a matter of time before major retailers turned their social media feeds into moneymakers, too. One such mega-brand is Kenneth Cole, whose soon-to-launch “InstaShop” will create a breakthrough retail experience on Instagram.

Here’s how it works: Kenneth Cole will launch one primary InstaShop (@KennethCole_InstaShop), which will start out by featuring five of the brand's most popular pant styles—though it'll soon expand to include other articles of clothing, too. To highlight the myriad of ways in which its pants can be worn, Kenneth Cole cast five real women to style them however they chose—and gave each trouser style its own Instagram page, too.

What’s so revolutionary about the InstaShop—aside from the styling tips, of course—is that it provides direct links to shop each pant, right there on the feed. In sum: it’s street style meets e-commerce meets social media in a way that’s never before been done.

Before Kenneth Cole unleashes its InstaShop onto the world, we wanted to spread the love the best way we know how: by giving you a sneak peek of how it’ll work. Without further ado, click through the slideshow above to see the five pant styles you’ll be able to shop using the InstaShop—and take a gander at the screenshot below to see what the feeds will look like.

Courtesy of Kenneth Cole

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