Required Reading: Six Literary Looks Inspired By Our Favorite Classic Heroines

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Click through for six thoroughly modern outfits fit for our favorite book-bound heroines.

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Fashion and fiction. Fiction and fashion. What could possibly go better together? (Other than peanut butter and jam, that is.)

On the one hand, designers have long plumbed literary classics for runway inspiration, sending out tattered ivory gowns à la Miss Havisham from Charles Dickens' Great Expectations or toreador jackets in homage to Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises. On the other, authors drop brand names as shorthand clues to things like class, geography and time period, situating readers within a familiar culture of labels and fads.

There are countless examples of cross-pollination in the industries, but two of the nearest and dearest to our hearts are Textbook, a Tumblr run by former Lucky editor John Jannuzzi, which pairs runway looks with fictional, historical and occasionally contemporary characters, and Olympia Le-Tan's popular line of handbags gussied up to look like book covers, which I, for one, have been pining over for several years.

In case you haven't already perused our gallery of sexy-smart men with books, today is National Book Lovers Day, so we've put together six fantasy outfits that our favorite female characters from classic literature might wear if they were around today (and, uh, weren't fictional). Some of the prices may seem a little steep for the salaries of a governess or a seamstress, but the way I see it, these ladies should have some hefty royalty checks coming their way. Click through the slideshow above for looks inspired by Hester Prynne, Daisy Buchanan and more.


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