Lucky Style Collective: Holding On To The Last Days Of Summer


The long Labor Day weekend has finally arrived—which isn’t exactly good news for those who love summer. But frankly, we’re excited to start busting out some of our favorite layering pieces, and it seems like we aren’t the only ones… [A Beautiful Mess]

There are only a few weeks left to sport those summer outfits and wear sandals, so make each day count! Blogger Dotty happens to have some great outfit inspiration that falls squarely into the "business casual" category, so you could even wear the look to work. [Dash Dot Dotty]

This time of year ushers in a lot of changes: colder weather (and some new fall attire!), a new school year (and perhaps some new friends)—and is it just us, or do a lot of people seem to move this time of year, too? Indiana knows this trouble all too well, as she is currently in the process of uprooting her life in Austin and relocating to Atlanta, Georgia. [Indiana/Elsewhere]

Summer technically ends on September 23rd, but there’s still very little time to cram in all of those last-minute summery things—you know, road trips, popsicle-eating, sunbathing. Need some ideas for how to make the most of the season before it's gone? Apartment 34’s got you covered! [Apartment 34]

There are certain things that every woman should always have in her wardrobe—a good pair of pumps, a classic LBD, a leather jacket. One thing that people tend to overlook, though, is a signature scent—and here's a case for why it's so important. [Could I Have That]

How To Add Some Pizzaz To Your Uniform—Penalty Free!

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