Lucky Style Collective: Our Favorite Bloggers Show Us How To Wrap Up The Summer In Style


The Brooklyn Blonde shows us exactly how to seamlessly transition from summertime to fall with her flawless pairing of a lightweight blouse and cargo-style skinnies. Dress the look up with killer heels—or for a more casual day, espadrilles will do the trick. [Brooklyn Blonde]

It’s pretty easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of life, but sometimes things slow down, and blogger Katie reminds us that this is actually a good thing. [Modern Eve]

Can’t get enough of The Bachelor? Evidently neither can the Possessionista (and the Lucky office, for that matter). Hop over to Dana’s blog to catch up on the show, plus take her Bachelor in Paradise personality quiz! [Possessionista]

One oft-overlooked summertime necessity is a good bug spray, but many contain chemicals that are harmful not only to the bugs, but to us humans as well. Luckily, Organic Beauty Talk has the scoop on some of the best organic and 100-percent safe sprays to use. [Organic Beauty Talk]

It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to a close and the school year is starting back up. Blogger Melissa of Bubby & Bean shares some of her favorite trends for this year’s BTS season. [Bubby & Bean]

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