Guys With Style: Five Outfits Inspired By Our Favorite Famous Men

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If you're going to borrow from the boys, choose the ones who do menswear right. Click through for five outfits inspired by our favorite dapper dudes.

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Truth be told, I usually feel a little sorry for guys when it comes to fashion. Compared to the panoply of choices women have in the wardrobe department, dudes get short shrift. But even still, there are some whose perfectly rumpled shirts, polished boots or artfully chosen accessories make the relatively narrow field of menswear seem downright exciting: think Jimi Hendrix in his cavalier clashing prints, Steve McQueen in louche, luxurious knits or Pharrell Williams in headline-making headwear.

With menswear as big a trend as ever this fall, there's no better time to take a break from the standard array of style icons (Alexa and Kate, we're looking at you) and look instead to leading men and legendary male musicians for fashion inspiration. No need to let a little thing like a Y chromosome stand in the way.

Click through the slideshow above for five utterly wearable outfits inspired by our favorite boys from the stage and screen.

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