Layer Up: 15 Ways To Make Maternity Transition Dressing A Breeze


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A perfectly placed drawstring is genius for accomodating a growing belly.
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Mamas-to-be, we've seen you out on the streets in your adorable jumpsuits and maxi dresses. Clearly, you've nailed your preggo summer look. Sadly,  we've got news for you: fall is around the corner. And while breezy dresses and Birkenstocks are indeed an easy route to take, rest assured—transitioning to fall is also going to be a snap for you and that burgeoning bump. The secret to dressing for in-between weather while pregnant? Layers, layers, layers.

Going from cool mornings to blazing afternoons while also enjoying a hormone rollercoaster is no easy feat, and we don't recommend piling on the cashmere and chunky knits until the mercury really dips down (and stays there). Finding your formula for the perfectly layered look is simple, and relatively easy to accomplish if you have the right pieces in your closet. Those tank tops you loved all summer should stick around for the next few weeks, as they'll prove invaluable under lightweight jackets and flowy sweaters. Find some denim pieces to work into your wardrobe (injected with major stretch and belly-friendly waistbands, thank you, Secret Fit Belly®!), mix them with an on-trend topper like a moto jacket or anorak and you'll find that maternity dressing for cooler temps is just as breezy as it was this summer.

We've hand-picked our favorite transition maternity pieces from Destination Maternity, Motherhood Maternity®, and A Pea in the Pod®—click through the slideshow above to see them all!

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