Michael B. Jordan Wears Air Jordans, Smells Really Good and Gets Fashion

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I got to hang out with Michael B. Jordan on my own version of The Love Boat.

Read on for our conversation, and click through the slideshow for some of Jordan's expert opinions on this season's runway looks!

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I got really flustered during my interview with actor Michael B. Jordan, the handsome/crazy talented actor from The Wire, Friday Night Lights, Fruitvale Station and the upcoming Fantastic Four remake sure to catapult him to megastardom. We were on a yacht, complete with a hot tub, endless martinis and lots of Axe products (he’s directing a short film for them), and he looked amazing and it was just all too much. I somehow managed to NOT record the ten-minute conversation.

I did, however, get this really poorly lit photo with him and relied on my old fashioned reporter skills to write down everything he said (and I hung on every word) during our blissful moment together. Here’s an excerpt—I will not include the part where I asked him on a date:

Me: Have you always been into fragrance?

Mike: I started getting into it by buying these oils from the Middle Eastern stores in my neighborhood. I remember mixing musk and aloe ones—they smelled nice and warm on my skin.

Me: So is warmth what you look for when picking out a scent?

Mike: That’s what I like about the Axe Gold Temptation. It’s sort of oaky and dark, but it’s not overpowering. People love it—they’ve been coming up to me and asking me what I’m wearing.

Gold Temptation Deodorant Bodyspray, $5.99, Axe, drugstore.com

Me: But some of that has to do with how you put on the scent, too. Any strategies?

Mike: I either do two sprays on each side of my chest or I’ll spray it in my hands and press it into my neck and on the back of my head. That way, when you hug someone they can smell it. It makes a good impression.

Huh. I thought the back of his head smelled good.

Me: What else do you find yourself constantly buying?

Mike: Well, I travel a lot and I don’t usually feel like packing a lot of underwear, so I’ll just run out to the store and buy it wherever I am.

Me: I do the same thing when I don’t want to do laundry! I go to the Gap across the street from my office and buy more underwear.


Me: What brands do you like for basic stuff?

Mike: Calvin Klein makes the best white t-shirts—the ones with stretch in them. And I like jeans from Levi’s and G-star.

Me: Are you into sneakers?

Mike: Yeah, I’ve got a lot of old school Nike Air Jordans.

I pause for a moment, thinking about the fact that his name is Michael Jordan and wears Air Jordans. This—for some reason—makes me unreasonably happy.

Me: You have very dewy looking skin. What moisturizer are you using?

Mike: I don’t really put anything on my skin, especially if I’m somewhere warm. The humidity’s enough.

Me: Like when you’re at your apartment in Austin, Texas? You still have that right?

Mike: Yeah! How do you know that?

Me: I’m just a big fan.

A publicist walks over and says there’s time for one more question. I pull out a bunch of photos from my bag.

Me: Since you have really great style, I wanted to get your feedback of some fall fashion trends...

Curious to know more? Click through the slideshow to get Michael B. Jordan's expert opinion on some of this season's runway trends!

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