A Cure-All Dress For Monday Morning Blues

Associate Digital Editor

Naomi washed-silk shirt dress, $270, Equipment, net-a-porter.com; Victorian Plaza Bracelet #4, $210, lulufrost.com; Mylene Boots, $169, dolcevita.com; Silk Moroccan Floral Bomber, $188, madewell.com; Gary Bag, $298, kooba.com

Short of a surprise national holiday, your best bet for a happy Monday is wearing this bright coral dress to work. It's hard to be grumpy when you're covered in such a cheerful color! If your office allows it, the look is perfect with ankle booties and a lightweight printed jacket; otherwise, feel free to swap in a blazer and kitten heels. You've got five days until it's beach time again—why not try and enjoy them?

Tie It Around Your Waist, And You're Insta-Cool

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