11 Stellar Style And Beauty Subscription Boxes We Just Can't Quit

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Every Christmas I can remember from childhood, my uncle would send us a half-year subscription of fruit. Timed four weeks apart, like clockwork, the boxes would arrive, brimming with some of plumpest, juiciest produce I've tasted in my life. But when our package ran out, did we bother to renew? Of course not. Back then, monthly deliveries were the type of thing one was happy to receive, but couldn't justify buying otherwise.

That all changed when Birchbox hit the scene. Launched in 2010, the product sample service was one of first subscription boxes that didn't feel like a gifting solution; it offered a discounted selection of things you'd happily pay full price for. It wasn't long until similar of-the-month clubs starting popping up, and not just for beauty—although there are lots of those, too!—and nowadays, you can find one to fit any interest. I've included the 11 fashion, beauty and lifestyle options I'm most excited about now in the slideshow above. Click through to get something better in the mail than bills and random Chinese food menus.

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