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Getting presents in the mail is the best! Click through for nine fantastic monthly deliveries—and one wonderful quarterly option.

The Box: Elizabeth & Clarke

The Swag: Basic tops, like tees and button-downs, mostly in neutral colors.

The System: Every four months, members pick one to three shirts (which are, adorably, all named for famous Elizabeths in history, like the "Arden" and the "Taylor") from a seasonal collection to include in their quarterly box. The pieces are all produced under a direct-to-consumer model, so you'll be getting the highest possible quality without any unnecessary markup. If you are unhappy with any of your purchases, though, the company offers complete refunds.

The Price: $30 for one shirt, $50 for two shirts or $60 for three shirts.

The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have

The Swag: An assortment of lifestyle, fashion and beauty items.

The System: Delivered once a month, each box has a different dedicated theme. For instance, July's (pictured left) was all about summer celebrations, so it included healthy snacks, party straws, a sea grass hat, sun care beauty products, salad servers, a fitness rope and mascara.

The Price: One month is $39.95, but you'll get a discount from purchasing several ahead of time: three go for $109.85 ($10 savings), six for $214.70 ($25 savings) and 12 for $429.40 ($50 savings).

The Box: Golden Tote

The Swag: A tote bag filled with between two and seven fashion pieces—a mix of designs exclusivly created by the Golden Tote team and purchased from other brands—tailored to your size and personal tastes.

The System: Each month you have the opportunity to purchase either a small grab bag stuffed with two or three items (you get to choose one, the rest are a surprise), or go with the larger five-to-seven-style option (you pick two). Leftovers from past sales are available to purchase as standalone pieces as well.

The Price: $49 for the two-to-three-item Golden Tote, $149 for the five-to-seven-item option.

The Box: Tota Press

The Swag: Handmade letterpress cards.

The System: On the first of the month, each subscriber is sent two new, completely original cards. The designs are always a surprise, but versatile enough to use for any occasion.

The Price: $10 for a one-month trial (two cards), $29 for three months (six cards), $56 for six months (12 cards). The designer behind the service has taken the summer off, though, so new subscriptions won't be accepted until October.

The Box: For The Makers

The Swag: Materials to DIY four insanely cool projects at home each month (don't worry: step-by-step instructions are both included and posted on the For The Maker's website!).

The System: The four projects included in your monthly box—a mix of jewelry, accessories and home goods crafts—all center around a particular mood and color scheme. Past examples include "Winter Solstice" (icy whites and silver, lots of sparkle), "Primary Attraction" (red, yellow and blue, or course) and "Field Guide No.10" (mossy greens and floral prints).

The Price: $29 per month, shipping included.

The Box: Papirmass

The Swag: Original prints from up-and-coming contemporary artists, each with a piece of creative writing stamped on the back. Frame not included!

The System: You only get one new artwork per month, and it's always a surprise. Past deliveries have included everything from postcard sets to collages to posters—and even small paper sculptures!

The Price: Only annual subscriptions are available, and those cost $69. Non-members may purchase single prints for $5.75.

The Box: Julep Maven

The Swag: Julep nail polish and beauty products.

The System: Seven types of new boxes are sent out each month—one for each of the six Maven style profiles ("classic with a twist," "boho glam," "modern beauty," "bombshell" and "it girl"), and the new "Maven Luxe" box, which has a more expensive selection inside. But whichever option you choose, it comes with big member benefits: free shipping and a 20 percent member discount at the Julep e-commerce store.

The Price: $39.99 per month for the Maven Luxe ($60 worth of full-size items) or $24.99 for the regular membership (a $40 value).

The Box: Glossybox

The Swag: Both sample and full-size goodies from high-end beauty lines.

The System: Each month, members receive a new package with five different goodies to try out. So really, then, what sets Glossybox apart from the all the similar services out there? The brands it works with. With a long lineup of luxury partners that includes GlamGlow, Hourglass and Malin+Goetz, the site guarantees you'll only be getting the kind of products that specialty beauty stores sell.

The Price: One month at a time is $21, but you can get three for $60, six for $115 and 12 for $220.

The Box: Escape Monthly

The Swag: Beauty, lifestyle and edible treats based on a specific vacation destination.

The System: Basically, it's like getting a tiny vacation in the mail. Each monthly package is filled with stuff inspired by a far-flung locale—from spa products to local foods to a guide book—to help you relax at home.

The Price: The full-sized subscriptions are $49.95, but there's a smaller "Escape Mini" option as well. That one will have roughly two to three fewer items, and costs $24.95.

The Box: Umba Box

The Swag: Home goods, women's accessories, bath products, jewelry and stationery, all made by artisans.

The System: Your monthly delivery will include three products specially picked by Umba stylists, along with information on the craftsmen (and crafts-ladies!) behind each piece.

The Price: The "Delight" box, which costs $49 per month plus shipping, offers around $50 - $70 worth of swag. If you'd like to try something smaller before committing, however, you'll get a great sampling from the "Discover" option as well. It's priced at $25 per month (shipping, again, is extra), and includes a sampling of products worth between $25 and $35.

The Box: Conscious Box

The Swag: A mix of environmentally conscious cleaning supplies, healthy snacks, and all-natural beauty products, all GMO-free and sustainably sourced. The Conscious Box team also provides vegan and gluten-free boxes on request.

The System: Everything in your monthly package is also available to purchase in a full size in the Conscious e-commerce shop, often at a discounted price. To save even more, however, members can review products for redeemable points (one product rating gets 10 points, 100 points equal $1).

The Price: For the full-size "Plus" option, you'll get eight to 12 items at $19.95 a month (or $56.85 for three, $107.70 for six and $203.40 for one year). Then there's the smaller Taster box, with five to eight things and priced at $9.95 a month (or $26.85 for three, $47.70 for six and $83.40 for a full year).