How To Find The Perfect Pleated Skirt For Your Personality

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So you know you want a pleated skirt—but have you decided which kind? Click through to fine a style that best suits your taste.

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Simply telling you to buy a pleated skirt is completely unproductive. Although, yes, you undoubtedly need at least one in your life, it's got to be a design that suits your taste. Otherwise you're just wasting money! Take a Blair Waldorf wannabe, for instance—she'd never look right in the kind of maxi-length, crinkly silk fare one spots at Coachella.

Discovering just which type of fold and length fits your sensibility should be easy with my the helpful guide above. Wearing it will be a breeze, too; along with the actual options, I've included foolproof outfitting tips for wearing each one. Click through the slideshow to find your pleated skirt spirit animal now.

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