Joe Fresh Finally Launched U.S. E-Commerce!: Here Are Our 10 Favorite Items You Can Shop Online Now

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Good things come to those who wait: click through to see our favorite 10 pieces from Joe Fresh's just-launched U.S. e-commerce site, all available to shop now.

Courtesy of Joe Fresh

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As the official experts of all things e-commerce, we’ve been waiting for Joe Fresh to join the digital retail game for quite some time now. The Canadian fast fashion source has held out from selling its goods online in the United States since it first landed here in 2011—but no longer! As of yesterday, Joe Fresh now has a wonderful, easy-to-navigate, U.S.-compatible e-commerce site, just in time for fall shopping.

With this major milestone, Joe Fresh has become a serious contender amongst its fellow fast fashion brands, with big plans to continue its expansion through 2014 and beyond. As Women’s Wear Daily reported this past February, Joe Fresh has signed on to open at least 96 freestanding stores by 2018 in a whopping 24 countries in the Middle East, Europe, South America and North Africa. And with women’s, men’s and children’s clothing now offered on its e-commerce site, Joe Fresh is perfectly poised to compete globally against the likes of Gap, H&M and Uniqlo.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, click through the slideshow above to check out our favorite 10 pieces, all now available to shop on I have a feeling Lucky and this brand-new site are going to become very, very good friends.

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