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Numbers don't lie—sales of skinny jeans are down, and loose, louche trousers have never been hotter. Are you ready to set aside your skinny denim? If so, click through to shop seven tempting alternatives worth trying this fall.
Boyfriend Jeans
These cool cuffed blues are a fuss-free option that can be easily dressed up or down. There's a reason Lucky editors love them.
Mom Jeans
With their high-waisted, roomy fit, these vintage-inspired blues are like the boyfriend jean's born-in-the-'80s older sister.
No sharply defined waistband means no tugging, squeezing or suffocation. Done and done.
Gaucho Pants
Half skirt, half pants. They're skants!
Printed Pajama Pants
Comfy enough for slumber, yet chic enough to hit the street. Best worn with something equally silky up top—perhaps a button-up blouse in a complementary color or, if you dare, with a matching shirt as a two-piece set (just remember to add heels to keep it from looking like you just rolled out of bed!).
Dressy Sweatpants
Gap is banking on these bad boys to make up for all those dismal denim sales figures. Kanye West loves 'em in leather. What say you?
Knit Flares
An unconventional choice, to be sure—but hey, Marc Jacobs showed them in his fall collection, and we're tempted to trust the guy.