Skinny Jeans Vs. Boyfriend Jeans: 13 Lucky Editors Sound Off On Their Favorite Denim Styles

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So, are you Team Skinny or Team Boyfriend? Click through to see where 13 Lucky editors stand!

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Finding the perfect pair of jeans is a life-altering experience. It basically becomes a built-in airbag for your wardrobe: even when nothing else seems to fit right or match, you know this one thing will always work. You can constantly count on it to make you look taller, skinnier and cooler.

But what style, exactly, should this miracle-performing denim be? That's the Sophie's Choice question I posed to my fellow Lucky editors this week when I asked them to choose between a skinny and boyfriend silhouette. As it turns out, our staff has some very strong opinions on the matter (even if it's that they could never, ever choose, because it'd be like picking a favorite child!). Click through the slideshow above to see which blues they like best—and tell us which team you're on, too!

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