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So, are you Team Skinny or Team Boyfriend? Click through to see where 13 Lucky editors stand!
"Asking me to choose between boyfriend jeans and skinny jeans is like asking me to choose between Cronuts and cupcakes—an impossible decision! Basically, I have one of each that I swear by. My favorite skinny jean right now is by a brand called AYR. It's actually the first skinny jean that I am truly, truly, completely and wildly head-over-heels in love with. There's just something about the fit that really works for me. The darker washes are my favorites. And then my favorite boyfriend jean is from a brand called Dittos. It's a vintage throwback kind of brand. [My go-to pair] is called the 'Charlie.' I love them because they're a boyfriend jean, but kind of tapered, and not too overwhelming. They have a nice utilitarian feel to them. Those are the best of both jean worlds!" - Eva Chen, editor-in-chief

"Skinny jeans are too stretchy and thus are always falling down; boyfriend jeans are always too huge and are always falling down. I wear them both and I'm never ever satisfied.

The closest yet are Rag & Bone boyfriends, which are decidedly unboyfriendy and thus—more what I'm talking about! Also I got some high waisted Acnes that are skinny-ish but thrillingly unstretchy." - Jean Godfrey-June, executive beauty director

"I am a denim lover. I love, love, love denim—I have denim pouches from A.P.C., I carried my son in a denim baby carrier when he was mini, I have a huge denim weekender from Starstyling Berlin. I just love denim—so let's just put that first!
But, in general I prefer boyfriend denim. I am a fairly casual dresser who sometimes goes over-the-top, and one of my signature looks in the past three years has been a tone-on-tone denim-on-denim. For me it's the ultimate cool-girl suit—one cohesive color palette that makes you look GREAT. So to answer the real question: I'd go with boyfriend denim, if it's a pale and washed-out casual look, worn with a chic fitted chambray or a cool baby blue angora sweater. I love that with a white Adidas sneaker!

But then I also love a super-tight high-waisted skinny dark denim with a mid-blue denim shirt from J.Crew men's—so sexy urban cowboy, and it looks great with a boyish flat like a Chelsea boot or a chic heel.  As you can see, I cannot settle on one! Because I just love denim, period." - Katia Kuethe, creative director

"I am more comfortable in boyfriend jeans because of the cut, and also because I don't have  to feel self-conscious about my body. I'll wear a black skinny jean, but in blue washes I prefer a boyfriend style. Also, on days when I have been eating too many macaroons and/or my skinny jeans shrunk in the wash, it really just ruins my day to feel like my pants will explode if I accidentally rub against something sharp." - Alexis Bryan Morgan, executive fashion director
"Lately, I’ve been into a looser, straight-leg, mid-rise fit—namely of the vintage variety. But recently a pair of dark skinny jeans from Industry Standard have been swaying me in the other direction! They’re just the comfiest, chicest and most flattering silhouette. And they cost just over $100!!" - Jenna Gottlieb, senior fashion writer
"Skinny! Because Jenna just told me about Industry Standard's Margot Highrise jeans and I got a pair and they are so flattering. Like, they make me look two sizes smaller than I am—that kind of flattering. I love boyfriend jeans too, but when it comes to looking sleek and totally pulled together and like myself but better, I always go skinny." - Jayna Maleri, senior fashion writer
"I'm a skirts-and-dresses-over-pants person—so I'll always choose boyfriend! Airy, effortlessly flattering, amazing for plane rides, and you can sit hunched at your computer and not feel restricted." - Megan O'Neill, senior associate beauty editor
"I used to be a skinny jeans-only kind of girl, but I've recently completely flipped sides. Lately, ALL I want to wear is boyfriend cuts. I'm especially into this pair by Frame, which kind of offers the best of both worlds: it's slouchy and tomboyish and comfortable, but still tapered enough to flatter my figure. The cropped length is great, too, for highlighting shoes (and for lazy people like me who never bother with a tailor)." - Alison Syrett Cleary, associate digital editor
"I vote skinny or wide-leg—I have yet to find a pair of boyfriend jeans that doesn’t look frumpy on me (also: I’ve tried on jeans before that are supposed to be roomy and slouchy, but end up fitting like ill-proportioned skinny jeans, making me feel like I have some sort of misshapen body). The best I’ve found for skinny styles are Rag & Bone. They hug all the right places and make your legs look leaner and longer—whenever I’m wearing them, my friends think I’ve been on some sort of cleanse." - Maura Lynch, senior beauty editor
"Black skinny jeans are a wardrobe staple for me—even at my laziest, there’s no way to go wrong. In the years since I picked up my first pair (stretch Levi’s from Urban Outfitters circa 2006), I’ve worn through one after another, resulting in a pile of threadbare black denim stacked in the back of my closet. That’s not to say I won’t try out baggier styles, but they definitely call for more consideration when it comes to what to wear on top and on my feet. Skinnies, I’ve found, go with just about anything, and Rag & Bone’s in particular are (almost) as comfortable as sweats." - Hilary George-Parkin, associate digital features editor
“My immediate go-to would have to be skinny jeans, hands down. With the exception of a pair of beloved boyfriend jeans I bought from Gap maybe six or seven years ago, I’ve always been drawn to the lengthening illusion that skinny jeans allow. See, I’ve got a bit of a booty—an asset (literally) that, at times, bothered me throughout my high school and college years. But now that I’ve accepted it, I’ve learned it can be fun dressing it. And that, friends, is precisely where my skinny jeans come in. I swear by a particular make of J Brand black skinny jeans that I’ve been buying once a year, every year, since high school. For a girl with a backside, you can’t get any more flattering than a solid pair of black skinnies.” - Maura Brannigan, digital fashion news writer
"Definitely skinny jeans all the way. I'm all about dressing comfortably, so jeans themselves are a no-brainer, but there's something about a tapered, second-skin pair that feels tailored and put together, especially when paired with a heel. As much as I've tried the boyfriend jean trend, I just always feel like a frump! The key to skinnies is to find a pair with a bit of stretch (so you don’t suffocate!) but that don't loosen up too much with consistent wear. I must confess, I love these Joe's Jeans so much I bought three pairs in the same exact style!" - Madeline Alford, digital editorial assistant
"I'm a skirts-and-dresses-only kind of girl! As such, it's impossible for me to choose between boyfriend and skinny jeans (although back in my denim-clad high school days, I certainly owned my fair share of skinny cuts...and flares...and bootcuts, because hey, it was the early aughts). But I am currently on the hunt for the perfect mid-length denim skirt, and am finding myself particularly drawn to slim pencil styles with a decent amount of distressing. I guess you could say that incorporates elements of both skinny and boyfriend jeans, right? Or is that too much of a stretch?" - Elana Fishman, senior digital editor